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Amensis (Hatschepsut)

Foremost of Noble Ladies


As regent for her infant step son

her patience rewarded,

ruler of the mighty kingdom of Egypt,

gained through loyal officials and cunningness

her goal achieved,

a female pharaoh of astute virtue.


Her ships brought many riches to her realm

from Punt, a Red Sea coastal land,

filling her coffers with ebony, ivory and gold,

frankincense and myrrh.


Her architects built temples of monumental greatness,

whilst her soldier armies defended her Nubian border.

Her pacific reign brought two and twenty years prosperity,

the longest reign of a female pharaoh.

Queen Hatschepsut, Foremost of Noble Ladies












Princess of Ethiopia


Of royal blood.  a princess of Ethiopia

 cursed by her mother´s vain boasting,

of her daughter`s beauty,

claimed as superior to the fairness of the Nereids,

sea nymphs of the God of the seas, Poseidon,

whose jealousy knew no mercy.


A monster of the oceans, Cetus,

at his master`s whim ravaged with tidal waves

 the coastline of King Cepheus´ realm.


The oracle in Delphi was consulted to end the monster`s pillage,

despairingly a sacrifice of virgin blood the answer,

that of the young  princess Andromeda.


Bound to a coastal rock her naked body Cetus´ prey,

an offering of the highest price.

Andomeda`s fate reached brave Perseus` ear,

a slain medusa his fame had spread,

to the sacrificial rock

with Herme`s  winged sandles he flew

to slay this monster, Cetus.


His reward fair Andromeda`s hand in marriage,

her betrothed, her uncle,

 claimed his right to take her to their bridal bed ,

not to procrastinate held Perseus the gorgon`s head

in Phineus` sight,

as a lithified statue did he remain.


Andromeda bore seven offspring from Perseus` seed,

one a daughter of name Gorgophone,

their first born Perses, father of a Persian dynasty.


Their love eternal, as constellations, Andromeda and Perseus

still light up the darkness of the heavens.

















The revenge of Atadrona        

A mutant of Phalypolis                                                        


Of beauty equal to Aphrodite

 sensuality to hypnotise Cleopatra´s snake

 attributed with Nefertiti´s political agility

revered as a goddess by womanhood,

Atadrona, Lilith resuscitated


Her determination for equality in Phalypolis,

capital of the cosmic realms

now fallen into the hands of male supremacy

subjection of female intelligence

 a dreaded fear of self-insemination


Her fate was sealed

banished to the rains of methane poison

in the clouded darkness of Titan

incarcerated and laid in coma

in avenging awareness 


There , where no eyes by her countenance be mesmerised

where no souls through her sorcery be condemned,

she awaits her awakening

and her revenge on doomed oppressors












A warrior Queen


Humid mists shroud Iceni warriors

stealthily advancing in silence through wooded thickets,

armed with sharpened spears, knives and hatchets,

thirsting to be drenched with Roman blood


Their leader, a queen of Amazon courage,

her heart brimming over with hatred for the ravaging plunderers,

she and her daughters their victims,

her tear shed eyes swearing loud her revenge


A sleeping Colchester unaware of its fate,

patrolling guards, shadows thrown by log fire flames

their tongues subtly muted,

their hearts bleeding from the Celtic pillage


One victory more in the fight for survival

the warrior queen revered as an Albion goddess

seeks to triumph in the final battle

to shed Caesar`s yoke from her island realm


In vain her stalwart bravery

to prevent her army from defeat,

she took her life to save her pride

no trophy for the scorning Roman plebeian,

her glory untarnished lives on still,

long after her ill-fated Roman victors











Icon of female seductiveness


A birthday feast for Herod`s pleasure,

His wife and queen a devilish plan conceived

to revenge her tarnished pride on a vagrant prophet,

imprisoned for condemning her  illicit marriage


Her daughter, Salome, her means to ensnare her husband royal

 in her web of dark intrigue.

His gift, Salome`s dance of seven veils,

a salacious performance for honoured guests

who, captivated by every veil discarded , forgot their hunger,

their eyes mesmerized by her beauty


The last veil fallen, her charms for all revealed,

Herod in ecstasy bid her to name a desire,

Half his realm would he forfeit.

To his displeasure, her wish her mother`s prize,

the prophet`s head, served on a charger plate.


The bond was honoured that very hour,

the severed head, an offering of bloody  aspect.

This saint, who had exhorted his followers to be baptized,

a sacrifice of Salome`s dangerous female seductiveness;

she later to rule as Queen of  Chalkis, on the Island of Euboea.











The house of the lizard


In Yucantán a Maya deity,

Itzamna creator of the universe,

revered as the god of medicine,

agriculture and of education;

books and writing his legacy.

As proof of his virility

with Ixchal 13 off spring did he procreate,

as the god of fertility proclaimed.

A sorcerer with contacts to the constellations,

chiseled on temple  tablets as

Supreme Sun God of the Mayas,

Itzamna, The house of the lizard










 A traveler through time


He closes his eyes and expects the darkness, throughout the  heavens the storm rages,

thunder and flashes of lightening announce her participation

at their ritual.


Her perfume baptises his sheets, her warmth a cataclysm

to his senses,

to her caresses he surrenders without resistance,

in complete abnegation.


She whispers her secrets to his soul, her voluptuous lips

seduce his defences,

together they venture on her cosmic mission in search

of herself and her abandoned ideals.


Without an Adieu and at stake her freedom, endangered

by the marching hoards of black-shirted sheep,

blindly following their leader to their sacrifice,

she had banished herself to a void  without  time.


He opens his eyes to feel the pregnancy of her absence;

left behind her reflection in her looking-glass,

reminding him that her quest continues,

on the return of his chimerical paramour, Metropolia.










Mourning becomes Electra


The lamentations of the souls of the slain echoed

through the halls of the heavens,

outraging the gods of Olympus.

A Hellenic tragedy pronounced Electra;

instigation to murder to revenge a murder,

a legacy of the decadence of lust.


The Mycenae king Agamemnon and his Trojan concubine Cassandra laid smeared with blood,

cut down by the murderous hands of  Clytemnestra,

Agamemnon`s queen, and her lover Aegisthus.


Electra , obsessed with malevolence for her mother`s treachery,

aided her brother Orestes to flee to the safety.

She then abided her time and waited.


Ordered by the Oracle of Delphi, Orestes returned to Mycenae,

accompanied by his cousin Pylades, to seek his justice.

The conspirators three conceived their deadly deed,

the fate of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus was sealed with blood.


Her sensual beauty Pylades´ thirst did quench,

their nuptial bed brought forth its fruit,

but ´twas Electra who had preserved the realm.




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