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 Mainau Island, Lake Constance




Mainau Island, Lake Constance




Courtyard with archways - Dresden


Veiled Archways - Munich


View from Hofgarten - Munich


Pillers Of Power - Munich


Corridor - Munich



The Stairway - Munich



Colonnaden - Hamburg


Columed Facade -Hamburg


Reflection of Old in Modern - Hamburg


Dominoes - Hamburg


Swans 1 - Hamburg


Swans 2 - Hamburg


Container ship - Hamburg


Cusco Excellence - Hamburg


The painter of the Blankenese sky


The cobbled path to the beach - Blankenese


Arched windows - Buxtehude


Refection of Ritter Strasse - Buxtehude


The weird reflecting door - Buxtehude


Roofs - Buxtehude


Arched Battlement - Bad Wimpfen


 Prisoners - near Kassel


The power of the cross and the sword - Venezuela


Tea for Two - Sinsheim



Dalí in Scheveningen


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